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We love being surrounded by plants!

We started Green Rebels because it provides a good indoor climate to be surrounded by plants. Both at home and in many workplaces, there are too few plants. At home, I often forget to water my plants, and in the workplace, plants are often perceived as difficult to care for.


Our conclusion was that we need to surround ourselves with more plants so it should be easy to care for them. So We set out to find out what was going on. The answer is self-watering pots.

As part of the deliberations, I threw myself into researching what was on the Danish market, but there was not really anything that lived up to my expectations.

This led to a long process where I evaluated different models and sizes. Along the way, I found that large jars that can be used both indoors and outdoors are rare. At least if they are to be neat too. Therefore, I decided to start with a few models, both large and small, that I myself would like to have at home.

We would like Green Rebels to help us all be surrounded by more plants. Green Rebels does this by offering beautiful and functional products at a good price. We can offer the good price because we do most of it ourselves. For example, we take all our product photos ourselves. Here is an example of a setup where some of the small jars have been prepared for photography:

We take product photos in our mobile photo studio.

We hope you find a model you like here with us. Finally, contact us if we can help you.


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