Guide for self-watering flower pots

Here's a brief guide on how to achieve the best results using self-watering pots:

1. Fill in clay balls or other porous material to cover the bottom.

2. Plant the plant and fill up with good plant soil.

3. Fill the irrigation hole (next to the water meter) with water until the meter shows that the water tank is full.

4. For some time after planting and until the plant's roots have grown, it is a good idea to water the plant a little from above as a supplement.

5. Once the plant's roots have healed, water only in the watering hole.

6. Some plants benefit from drying out before they are filled with water - others prefer to have water all the time. If in doubt, ask your plant center what is best for your particular plant.

7. Add fertilizer to the water in the same way as in a regular pot.